Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Almost the New Year

The time from Christmas to the first part of February is the time we take it easy. While everyone else is vacationing in the summer we are working at full speed, but this time of year we can slow down. This is a time to think and plan, design new works, plan new garden ideas. And start the seed ordering process. First of all we have to inventory what is left over from last year's seeds. I am in charge of flower seed so today I sat down and made a list of what was leftover and useable.
It's also a time to design new hats. Now that I am not in full production mode I can go slow, take things out, change my mind, try things that might not work. Above are two hats of a new line that I think will work out. They are sort of a cloche shape knit from my old favorite yarn, Chelsea Silk, and have knitted flowers like the felted hats. I'll have to see how they sell. But I like them a lot.
And one of my favorite activities, ordering new yarn. These are new colors for felted hats and another box is on its way. Yummm. I love yarn.

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