Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Christmas Tree

There's our Christmas tree. Our house is so tiny we always put it on the table and then eat sitting on the sofa for a couple of weeks. We have a set of tiny LED Christmas lights that take so little electricity and don't get even warm so we can leave them on all night long. I love getting up at night and seeing the tree lights. When I was a little girl my sister and I had our own little tree in our bedroom. Mom would put the lights on when we went to bed and then come turn them off after we'd gone to sleep. I always add the icicle strips as I like the way they catch the light. They add sparkle when you don't have really bright lights. I carefully take them all off the tree every year and put them in an envelope. The stuff is a bit of a pain as I find it hiding everywhere for weeks after Christmas, but I still love it.
The decorations have been collected for years, some bought on trips, some are gifts,
some made by local artists,
some made by children.

My birthday is the first week of January and my mother would leave our big tree up until then. We still do that.


  1. Lovely happy memories of Christmas in the past Margaret - hope you are surviving the snow. I love those icicles on the tree - it is so long since I saw any that I have forgotten all about them. Have a wonderful festive season.

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