Sunday, December 14, 2008


It started snowing after dark last night and snowed and blowed all night. This morning there are several inches on the ground. It's hard to measure because it is light snow and blowing all over the place. I know we are sort of wimps as there are lots and lots of colder and snowier places in the world, but this doesn't happen all that often here. So it is always exciting and a bit of an adventure when it does.

Last night I wrapped a hot brick in a towel and put it in the bed. I woke up in the middle of the night with three heavy cats all on top of the spot where the brick was and no way I could get my toes down there.
We run a small fan from the house into the greenhouse where a lot of our harvested vegetables are stored and this makes the snow on the roof melt and creates wonderful icicles.


  1. Your place looks great in the snow! I'm glad that you got the dahlia's mulched, the potatoes it is time for tea and reading. We are thinking of you as more snow blows into Bham. Timmy and Jazmine loved the snow at first and then headed back in quickly to warm up.

  2. We're sitting and waiting for the next snow to start falling. Joel just came in and said that there are a few flakes coming down. I have to admit that snow is a treat in this part of the country.