Saturday, December 27, 2008


Today is our 22nd wedding anniversary. We were married in this house with our kids and my sister present. I made the dress and Joel's shirt from Folkway patterns. I don't remember what the cake was like but it looks like chocolate. Funny, we don't usually remember our anniversary until several days have passed. Christmas was two days ago, Joel's birthday in three, then mine in a week and a granddaughter just before mine, the anniversary usually gets lost in the shuffle. This has not affected our marriage. But today for some reason we remembered. And I am celebrating by sharing this picture.

We did not get off the island for Christmas. It was just still too cold to leave the house and critters. But yesterday we went to Friday Harbor and picked up our two older girls and their families and brought them over here for a late Christmas celebration. Siri is coming in January.


  1. Happy Anniversary! Love the photo. :-) I didn't realize you two were married the same year I was, just a few months later. Glad yours has lasted in fine style.

    And happy holidays to you!


  2. Happy Anniversary to you both!
    Is that a photograph of your snow on the header?
    If so it looks very beautiful. Keep snug and warm - and a happy new year to you all. It is good to be in contact with you - long may in continue.

  3. That indeed was our snow at its peak. It was so very beautiful. Most of it is gone now.