Friday, January 2, 2009

First Market of 2009

Well, today was the test. Did our vegetable saving techniques work. We mulched half of the bed of carrots and harvested the rest. Here's Joel digging up carrots from under the mulch. They're just fine.
The beets had been dug up and put in a pit at the end of the row as we were running out of mulch material. And they're just fine, too. We won't have any greens for this market but the chard and kale and tenderleaf mustards look like they made it through. The existing leaves are mush but there's tentative new growth at the center of most plants. If we don't get a repeat of the cold we'll have some greens for the February market. Market is once a month through the first of April. So far the purple sprouting broccoli and overwintering cauliflower look like they have survived. Those were the plants we were most concerned about as we haven't had such cold since we started growing a serious winter garden.

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