Monday, January 12, 2009

Soggy and Boggy Days

We are certainly soggy these days. Our lower garden always fills up with water in a wet year. Our winter garden is in an area that is just marginally higher than this. When I was a kid I delighted in digging little ditches between all the mud puddles in our driveway and running all the water into one great big puddle right in front of the house. I'm not sure my parents thought it was as much fun as I did. Joel said he actually enjoys digging ditches to get the water to run into the pond. Sort of the same thing.


  1. I suppose this is the soggy, boggy equivalent of building castles in the sand, Margaret. I have shown this photo to my husband, who complains that our veggie garden is wet in winter - that has stopped him complaining. How do you cope with all that water?

  2. Mostly we just wait patiently for it to go down. We plant the summer warm weather vegetables in this part of the garden in May and June and either use starts from the greenhouse that have been growing for a month or so while we wait for the soil to dry out or seeds of plants like beans and corn that don't need to be planted until then.