Sunday, January 18, 2009

Flower Bulbs, Garlic, and Snakes Eggs

When we came home from Friday Harbor the other day we found a present of a bag of about 200 bulbs on our doorstep. It's a bit late to be planting daffodils and tulips and many of these were starting to sprout, but we stuck them in the ground to see what happens. A lot of them should do just fine.

A little more timely for the bulbs, we planted our garlic today. The sort of garlic that we grow, a soft necked variety, does just fine in our climate and our garden planted in January and even as late as February. Hard necked varieties, in general, do better planted a couple of months earlier.
Today the sun managed to poke out from the fog that we've had for a week long enough to actually enjoy being outside. It was in the mid 30's, but the sort of day that if you keep moving and working you can stay warm if you stay in the sun. I have been craving a touch of the sun. We moved a big piece of black plastic that had been covering an area where we were trying to kill blackberries to another weedy patch and underneath it were a clutch of garter snake eggs. We have no dangerous snakes in this part of the world and the garter snakes are our allies in the bug wars, so I carefully picked up the eggs and moved them to under a bit of mulch in the rhubarb bed.


  1. I am in Ga and I'm wondering if the snake eggs in my yard are dangerous or not. How can you tell?

  2. You need to find out what worts of snakes you have in your area. The library should have a good reference and try Google. We don't have any dangerous snakes here, only garter snakes so it isn't an issue.