Thursday, February 12, 2009

More Rainbow Rugs

Part of the year coming full circle involves making another set of rainbow rugs. I love the colors and these sell really well. The only problem with making them is being patient while I wait to find all nine colors in old sheets from the thrift store. I had all except the red purple until a couple of weeks ago. When I found that last color I knew it was time to get another rainbow warp on the loom. Chas came to help.


  1. Please put a photograph of the finished rainbow rug on to your blog Margaret - I would love to see it. Is the cat helping or hindering?

  2. Will do. I have warp for 7 rugs on the loom and just finished number 3.

    Chas mostly comes in to remind me to take a break. Sometimes it's just after I had a break, but he is only a cat.