Saturday, February 21, 2009


I started the next batch of rag rugs this afternoon in flannel fabric in rust and navy and cream colors. It was looking quite nice when Joel came in to see how the new rugs were looking and discovered a threading error. I had woven about 6 inches before he pointed out my mistake. So I had to take out about 6 inches of rags and 3 inches of hem and rethread one thread about 2 inches in from the right hand side. Sigh. That was enough for today. I knew I wanted to get it all unwoven and rethreaded so that tomorrow morning I can start all over again. I did not want to have to face the repairs then. I'm not particularly good in the morning.

People often tell me that I must be a very patient person to knit and weave but the truth is that I am not at all patient by nature. Rather it is that weaving and knitting teach me to be far more patient than my nature decrees.


  1. I love your rugs. As for being a patient person; I too am inpatient by nature. I also believe that it is weaving which has taught me to be patient. It tends to slow me down and focus my attention.

  2. Oh, wow, me too! me too! I'm really impatient; I'm known as Instant Gratification Girl around here. ;) I like weaving because it's so much faster than e.g. knitting, but also because it's taught me a lot about having patience, slowing down and enjoying time spent on something, not just the results at the end.