Friday, February 20, 2009

New Rugs and New Lambs

As you can see from the new header, I finally got the rainbow rugs finished, off the loom, hemmed and tagged. I love these colors. Before I can make another batch like these I need more blue green and red purple colored sheets. So I will be checking the thrift store regularly. It takes 9 different colors to make these and it always takes me a while to find all 9 of them. I may make some 6 colored ones using just primary and secondary colors as I do have enough fabric to do that.
And then about noon today we found first one of our ewes with 2 new ewe lambs, one black and one white,
and shortly thereafter, another ewe with two ram lambs, one black and one white. We only have one adult white sheep right now, all the rest are colored. So a couple of white lambs will be appreciated for rug making. There are a couple more ewes due to lamb any time so we are spending a lot of time checking the corners of the fields and woods to make sure all is well with moms and babies.


  1. Those lambs are magic, Margaret - every year they produce the same kind of thrill don't they?
    Love your rugs - it is lovely to see them hanging in a long line like that. Wish I was near enough to buy one.

  2. I ship anywhere in the world. They will be listed on my Etsy store by this evening.