Wednesday, April 21, 2010


I just got this bag of 500 gladiolus bulbs. I planted 1/3 of them today and will plant another 1/3 in a couple of weeks and another 1/3 a couple of weeks later to spread out the blooming.


  1. A good idea to split the flowering period up Margaret - if they all bloom at once it is a bit overwhelming. However, I tried this once in reverse, so to speak, planting three Amaryllis bulbs on the same day so that they flowered together. They had exactly the same treatment but their flowers were about six weeks apart.

  2. Glads are what I remember being totally entranced with on the island. Sieglinde and I would look over catalogs with dozens of gorgeous glads and dream about which ones we would get. I don't know if we ever actually ordered any, but maybe? It was when we were at Lovering's where they already had a lot of flowers and garden beds.