Friday, April 9, 2010

Lots of Peppers, and Tomatoes

I've said before that we like to grow lots of varieties of various vegetables and peppers and tomatoes are no exception. Here are some of the little pepper and tomato plants in the greenhouse. Growing lots of varieties has its practical sides as well as well as being more fun. We can make a much nicer display at the market with various colors and shapes, hot ones, sweet ones, ones with just a little heat, thick walled for salads, thin walled for frying and drying, etc. It also means that if the weather is less than perfect, that is, the usual sort of weather, we have a lot of different responses to it in all the different varieties. It does mean that we spend a lot of time picking up the labels out of the garden in the fall. We make our labels out of white plastic yogurt and cottage cheese containers. A good way to give all that plastic a bit more time before it hits the landfill.

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