Monday, April 12, 2010

With a Little Help from my Friends

I have been working on a special order rag rug for a friend. We are trying to match colors in a quilt. We've found the fabrics to match but when I went to order yarn for the warp I found that between the two companies I usually order carpet warp from there are about 5 different shades of maroon. And only one would really work with the maroon in the quilt. So about 2 months ago I ordered that color. And got backordered on it, the only part of my order that didn't come right away. A call to the company last week told me that they have no idea when or if they will get that color. So I went online to a couple of the weaving lists that I belong to. Did anybody have several cones of the Leesburg cotton maroon yarn. I got several responses. One woman sent a sample that was too red. But this morning I received a box of cones of yarn that are exactly the right color. I do love the interent and the friends I have met that way. Thank you all of you who came to my rescue.

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