Saturday, September 10, 2011

Brickworks at Last

Our Farmers market moved to its new site today at the Brickworks in downtown Friday Harbor. Many, many volunteers have been working on getting this place ready for use for over a year and it was so very exciting to actually hold a market there. Setting up such an event at a new place is always confusing so we got there really early this morning. Things went amazingly smoothly.
The customers found us and people appeared to be having a good time. The new place has a lovely feel to it. Our old place was arranged in a straight line with vendors on both sides. This is more of a circle and it had a friendly feel to it.

It's right in downtown Friday Harbor in easy walking distance of the port and just off the main street.
This is our new booth setup with our flowers, vegetables and some of my rugs. Sales were good. We had a great day.


  1. It is lovely to actually see your stall Margaret - to six the mixture of flowers, fruit, veg and rugs - what a wonderful life you must lead.

  2. Everything looks so great! And I see the little purple asters are blooming, my favorites!