Saturday, April 19, 2008

April snow

Well, today was the first Farmers Market of the season and this was the beginning of our 22nd year at the market. And it was the most miserable day we have ever spent there. There was blowing rain and sleet and snow. It was COLD. My fingers gave up early on after handling wet vegetables and only the coffee guy's product kept them functional at all. Well, the vegetables didn't wilt, there is that. And there were our wonderful, wonderful customers who came out in the awful weather and bought our broccoli and rhubarb and greens. Thank you so very, very much to each and every one of you. People kept saying they were surprised we were there, but the snow didn't start until we were about three quarters of the way through harvesting yesterday. That's a picture of a flowering plum tree in the snow storm about 3:00 Friday afternoon. At that point with all those vegetables in boxes we either have to try and sell it or compost it. And we didn't really believe that it could be that cold in the middle of April. Oh, well, no where to go but up. In the middle of August when it's in the 80's and the vegetables are wilting we'll remember this day, with fondness???

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