Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Weaving and Digging

I finished a batch of mug rugs today. These are small coasters made out of the leftover bits and pieces of Joel's handspun wool for rugs. I often have a skein or two leftover in a particular shade and rather than mix them up in a rug I make these small guys. It takes an amazingly long time to make small things. More than their equivalent in a rug. There's not only the weaving, but sewing up the ends, and then putting a label on each one. I've put 6 sets of four matching ones in my Etsy store. I'm planning on taking the rest of them to the Farmers Market his coming Saturday.

And Joel has been out spading up some of our higher, dryer garden beds to get them ready for some of the seedling about to come out of the cold frames. It is often possible to get into soil that is too wet for a tiller or a tractor with a shovel. The machines would turn it to mud but the shovel doesn't, just turns it over nicely.

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