Sunday, April 27, 2008

Almost First Farmers Market of the Season

I meant to take pictures of the first weekly market of the year last weekend. I even had the camera with me. but I was just too cold to even think of doing it. Besides I just would have had snowflakes and rain on the lens anyway.

So, I took pictures of the second weekly market of the 2008 season. The weather was lovely, sunny and warm, at least if you stood in the sun. And no snow in sight anywhere.
We had lots of good stuff especially the overwintered brassicas such as the purple sprouting broccoli and overwintered cauliflower above. The purple sprouting broccoli is a popular vegetable in Britain but not often seen here except at farmers markets where the farmer grows specialty crops and things you never seen anywhere else. The overwintered cauliflower is a special treat as it tastes much, much better than summer cauliflower. They are just different varieities that grow over the winter and make heads in the spring. But all the brassicas are happier and taste better in cooler temperatures.

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