Sunday, March 30, 2008

More flowers

Back to work today. But first I picked a small bouquet of violets and put them on my desk. They perfume the whole house as soon as they get warm. When the sun came out this afternoon the whole backyard smelled of violets
There are more and more daffodils blooming every day. the ones above are the second variety of heirloom daffodils that I found on this place when we came here. We had these where i grew up in Tacoma, WA as well. Again, I don't know what they are called and would love to find out.
And spring must really be here as Joel mowed the lawn for the first time. Our lawnmower is our first line of defense against the wild rose bushes (rosa nootkana) and the Himalaya blackberries that had taken over the place when it was vacant for years. We never planted any grass seed. What is there just came up from wild grasses after we had grubbed out the roses and blackberries. If we don't keep it mowed the jungle starts regrowing.


  1. How do you get power to your farm and fuel for your equipment?

  2. Annette, Our electricity is produced by solar panels with a back up generator for those long sunless stretches of days in November. Heat and cooking and hot water are produced by our wood stove and fuel comes on our boat in 5 gallon cans. You learn to conserve the amount of energy you use when you live in a place like this.