Saturday, March 15, 2008

New shrubs

I just recently planted three new lilac bushes and a deutzia. I am creating a shrub border on the south side of the house that will define the edge of the yard from the wilder areas and hopefully, in a few years, provide stems of lilac blooms for sale as cut flowers. Early in the spring when the market starts there aren't a lot of flowers in bloom. The perennials are just starting and the annuals are still being babied in the greenhouse. Flowering shrubs fill this gap nicely,

The new lilacs are a double maroon, a white variety that blooms later than the usual garden types, and one that promises to be blue. I imagine that the latter will be more of a lavender as a true blue is less common in flowers and very treasured when it does exist.

The deutzia is an old fashioned shrub with white frilled double belled flowers. We had a beautiful big one in the yard when I was a kid. They are hard to find having fallen out of fashion at the time being but I found several varieties at the Forest Farm in Oregon.

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  1. I read your blog and always mean to leave a comment. I enjoy the descriptions of your farm and all the plants you have. You have provided me with a wealth of information on the growing season and the plants that can thrive here in the islands. I'm on San Juan Island. Thanks. Joy