Saturday, March 8, 2008

Onward with spring

I finished weaving a batch of really lovely light grey wool rugs today. The yarn, from Cotswold sheep, is a naturally variegated mixture of greys from nearly white through light grey to occasional bits of really dark grey. Here and there are little bits of light to medium brown. It is the lovliest stuff. The rugs are woven on a cotton warp in a color the company calls linen which is a sort of taupe brown. It goes just perfectly with the bits of brown coloration in this wool. The rugs are so pretty. I'll post a picture when I have the fringes tied and they've been washed and hung on the line.

Joel got all the current batch of onion plants in the ground, 4 40" beds of 4 rows each. Lot of onions to be. And then he planted 6 flats of leeks in the greenhouse. I planted a flat of carnations. This is the way things are this time of year. We plant, I weave, I knit. We stand in the sun when it comes out and soak it in. The cats lie in sunny patches and sleep and I want to emulate them.

This evening I am going to print out labels and put them on 2 dozen felted hats. I finally got them all run through the washing machine. Bit by bit my stock for this summer's sales is accumulating.

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