Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Empty nest

Siri's empty playhouse is a reminder of our three daughters who grew up on Waldron Island. All three graduated from our one room K-8 grade school and have gone onto to college. The island and the farm have been wonderful places to raise children. They had lots of physical freedom, a great little school and natural growing things all around them. Our two oldest daughters are living in Bellingham and Seattle and come out to the island with our three granddaughters as often as they can. Our youngest, Siri, is currrently in college in Brooklyn.
We started selling produce and flowers off the farm on Orcas Island when Siri was about 6 weeks old. Here she is in 1993 at the age of 8 selling flowers at the Friday Harbor Farmers Market when it was located in the parking lot of what is now the hardware store before the new store was built. Siri took over the flower part of the business when she was in high school and made the prettiest bouquets that ever came off the farm. She'd had a bit of practice by then.

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