Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Spring Blooms

Although it was grey and rainy this morning by afternoon the sun had come out and there wasn't a cloud in the sky. I went around looking for new spring flowers. I found the first daffodil, a tiny miniature yellow one out by Siri's old playhouse.
And a few violets poking out of their leaves. When the violets are in full bloom their scent wafts all over the yard. I love the scent of violets. There is a violet perfume which is about the only perfume I really like. I also found a couple of blossoms on the forsythia bush, lots and lots more crocuses. big fat almost open red buds on the flowering currant, a couple of small blue anemones and
a bud about to open up on the peach tree. Our peach tree, a Frost peach, is growing under a translucent fiberglass roof to keep the water off it in the winter. Peach leaf curl is the bane of peaches in this part of the country and although the Frost cultivar is leaf curl resistant, keeping the tree dry in the winter prevents the fungus from being able to start growing. It works and we get lovely peaches from the tree in the summer.

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