Monday, March 24, 2008

Easter on the island

There is always an Easter egg hunt followed by a potluck on the island. All my kids participated when they were school children and in the picture above two of them have brought my granddaughters back to the island for the event. It has been held in a field near the school for all of the 35 years I have been here. The adults come an hour earlier and hide the eggs and then the kids line up until released to hunt. There are two areas, one for little kids and one for bigger ones. That way the little ones don't get mowed down in the stampede.

This year, Easter being so extra early (won't be this early again until 2228, put it on your calendar), the weather really threatened to sabotage the event. We woke up in the middle of the night to wind and rain and I groaned. But it cleared off just in time and didn't start in again until everything was over. By that time we were on our way back to Friday Harbor with the families to put them on the ferry home. The wind and rain were so bad Joel and I decided to stay on the boat in Friday Harbor and not try and get back last evening. So we treated ourselves to dinner out and rented a movie to watch in the boat. Came back this morning to a cold but beautiful sunny day.

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