Monday, March 17, 2008

Planting more seeds

Yesterday I started planting flower seeds for the basic varieties that I use for cut flowers. I planted three flats of aster, my main variety, Sea Star, as well as the striped ones in the bucket above, a picture from last year, spider asters, a variety called Hulk which has no petals just green sepals and the center part of the flower. The latter I originally planted just as a novelty because I thought it was funny looking, but it sold so well that I'm growing it every year and lots of it.

Today I planted a flat of ornamental amaranths, greens and browns. We have a lot of red leaved and flowered amaranth that comes up all over the garden. We just till around a lot of it and use it for bouquets. But I want a wider color range so I'm, trying two new mixtures, Autumn Palette, and Autumn Touch, both of which are mixtures of browns and creams. I also planted smaller amounts of scabiosa, godetia in a salmon color, peach and apricot colored strawflowers, and an annual gaillardia that I grew a number of years ago and haven't since. Can't really remember why I stopped planting it so thought I'd give it another chance. I'll keep you posted on how this all comes out.

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