Thursday, March 6, 2008

Onion Plants

We got the first shipment of onion plants today, Ailsa Craigs and Red Burgermasters. We are also waiting for our WallaWalla plants. We grow onions from plants, sets, and seeds depending on the type and the availability. We have found that the kind of onions that grow as overwintered types which develop bulbs in response to long days are best purchased as plants that have been overwintered elsewhere. We grown our winter storage varieties which are short day onions, forming bulbs as the days shorten with the approach if fall, as sets and start various heirloom types such as the cipollinis, and the long red of Tropea, from seeds.

Last year was the first time we grew Ailsa Craigs. These are a very large, absolutely delicious sweet onion developed in Scotland and named after a Scottish hill. We had never grown such big onions. In fact I won a blue ribbon at the San Juan County Fair in the largest vegetable section with as 2 1/2 pound onion and Best Of Show for 5 beautiful Ailsa Craigs.

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