Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Back Online

Thanks to my new fancy MacBook I am back online and loving it. I don't yet have the camera software figured out for this new computer so no pictures yet. I have to laugh at myself as I have been very unhappy and downright whiney for the last week without my internet access. When I moved to this island in 1972, that's 38 years ago, there were no phones. A few people had marine radios for emergencies, but one of the things people came here for was to "get away from the phone". Then came cell phones. We had the first one on the island. I had an increasing frail father and a teen age daughter living off island with family and the chance to be able to talk to them without a trip to town was too much to pass up. We took messages for lots and lots of people on the island for years before bit by bit everyone had their own cell phone, and now internet access. I have to admit that I love the internet and highly prefer email to the phone. While I was computerless this last week it seems the phone rang and rang. I would charge into the house from the studio grumbling, "I love email!" The thing about email is that you can send a message when it is convenient for you and the recipient can get it when it is convenient for them. It doesn't interrupt dinner, force someone to run into the house from the garden, or interrupt an interesting conversation.

So, while I was suffering internet withdrawal we were planting lots and lots of seeds in the greenhouse, yanking the quack grass out of the peony bed, tilling up soil in the garden, and planting early mustards in the hoophouse. I've been weaving lots of beautiful rugs and knitting more hats. Spring seems to have sprung with lots and lots of daffodils in bloom.

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