Saturday, March 27, 2010

More Daffodils and More

After the main flush of daffodils are in bloom some of the fancier ones start in. This is Thalia, a long time favorite of mine, delicate, pure white with a touch of green on the back.
I love all pink daffodils and this one is from a selection of pink rimmed ones I got last year.
And with the later daffodils come the big flush of grape hyacinths. Last evening, walking back from the barn I noticed how the blue color just glowed against the green grass in the dusky light. I'm not sure this picture captures that incredible blue very clearly. And yes, there are dandelions in the grass. Our lawn is full of them and of field daisies. I love the brightness of both flowers and they both have the advantage that you can tell a small granddaughter that she can pick all she wants of either one.

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