Monday, February 4, 2008

February Farmers Market

Last Saturday was the monthly winter Farmers Market for February. We moved from the Grange hall in downtown Friday Harbor out to the fairgrounds as a chance to see if this might be a good place to move the market permanently. We are looking for a permanent home with a roof over our heads as we currently set up in a parking lot in town. We've been at the parking lot for years and it works pretty well, except for those days of torrential downpours when even though we have a canopy over us and the vegetables the rain drips off the edges and runs down our necks, etc. We lucked out with a sunny day and no wind. We were very bundled up but didn't get cold.

The picture shows a bit of what is available in this neck of the woods this time of year: winter squash of several kinds, leeks, Brussels sprouts, cabbages and various Asian greens. It was a very successful market and we only went home with a few squash.

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