Friday, February 15, 2008


It is time for me to start getting serious about weaving and knitting products for sale in the upcoming season. I've been weaving boas most of January, but, although they are good sellers, they are also just a lot of fun so that I enjoy working on them in January which is officially our vacation month. I warped up the big loom for wool rugs and the small one for rayon chenille scarves. My weaving for sale business started about 20 years ago with my wool rugs. Joel spins the yarn and I weave it in various twill patterns on a cotton warp into rugs that are about 30" x 50". Most of them are the natural colors of the sheep but every once in a while I get into a dyeing mode and make up some brightly colored ones.

The chenille scarves are good sellers and so soft. when you take them off the loom they feel like cardboard but after washing and running through a dryer, which I have to do in town, they are the most lovely soft fabric. The ones on the loom right now are a soft pink but I have measured out warps for some blue ones, and a pretty burgundy and a darker brighter pink. I often add a fancy knitting yarn like a ribbon yarn or a railroad yarn to the scarves as a supplementary warp to add a little glitz. these are some of the same yarns that I use in the boas and to trim felted hats.


  1. Hi Margaret,
    This is Rachel, Siri's friend. I really like reading your blog, as your farm is a place that I like to return to often in my daydreams. I hope to see it in real life again!