Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Foggy Morning

It was very foggy when we woke up this morning. last night I could hear ship's horns in the channel between us and Canada so I knew there was fog out there somewhere. This morning we could barely see the barn from the house.

I love fog. I love the mysterious way it comes in on "little cat feet". When I lived in San Francisco 25 years ago I would stand at the top of Clement street and watch the fog roll up from the ocean. The first night I slept in the city the fog horns sounded so much like the ones here that I woke up uncertain where I was. That was in the days before the electronic foghorn when they were loud and mysterious sounding.

I like fog out on the water, too, although you do have to be careful and have a compass and a good chart to get where you want to go. One day on our way to market, charting our way by compass, we totally missed the entrance to Friday Harbor and came out of the fog on the east side of Brown Island where we'd never been before. It was the eeriest feeling. I probably read and watch too much sci-fi, but I had the feeling we'd come out into a different universe. On one trip we came upon a fog bank out in President's Channel that looked like a solid wall. It didn't gradually come down to the water but had a sharp definition to its beginning like a tall, tall cliff of fog. Probably a change in air temperature or humidity or something perfectly plausible in a scientific sense, but it looked like the edge of the world and it was a very strange feeling to go through that wall into the fog. Shades of the Voyage of the Dawn Treader.

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