Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Rugs and Seedlings

And the white wool rugs are finished and on the line drying. I think I'll take them to the Farmers Market this coming Saturday. And I've been getting another wool rug warp on the loom. This one is a pretty tan color the company I get it from calls linen. It looks especially nice with grey wools and that is what I will be working with next. After that, more rag rugs. I've been getting organized for that as well as weaving. There's a lot of work that goes into making woven items other than the weaving. People are always asking me how long it took me to weave something. Well, the weaving is the fast part. And it isn't just the warping. Most people recognize that as part of the process, but there is also the selection of materials and patterns, I spend a lot of time with weaving magazines and books looking for ideas in patterns and colors. My bed is often covered with balls of yarn or weaving magazines or piles of old sheets as I mix and match colors.

And, the first tomatoes and the first lettuce seedlings in the greenhouse are up. I love going out there and just looking at the little green things.

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