Sunday, February 17, 2008

Nice day to work in the garden

Yesterday I finished up the pink rayon chenille scarf warp and wove one white wool rug. This morning I wound on a burgundy rayon chenille warp and planned on weaving another white wool rug after lunch. But the day was so pretty and sunny for a change that I ended up working in the garden digging out old perennial arugula plants in the lily bed. It was one of those days that are too cold to just sit around outside, but if you keep working you can keep warm enough to enjoy yourself. Joel spent most of the day grubbing out Himalaya blackberry plants that grow wild between our marsh and the garden and keep threatening to take over. When we are gone they will. When we came to this place about 25 years ago no one had lived here for about 40 years and the blackberries were up to the house. It took several years to beat them back and we don't want to let them get out of hand. I let the chickens out of their pen to run around in the garden in the sunshine and eat bugs. they looked like they were having a good time, too.

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