Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Handwoven boas

I finally got pictures of four of my new handwoven boas into my Etsy shop. I have been having a terrible time for the last couple of weeks getting a picture of them that really shows off the colors and textures. They are woven of 5 or 6 different novelty type knitting yarns and I am finding it very hard to get a good picture of them. I think I need some lessons on using my digital camera for things other than pictures of grandchildren and sheep. I finally decided that I just needed to do it and I can keep struggling with the pictures and put new ones in the shop, and here, when I'm happier with my results. I have about a dozen new boas woven in the last month. They are a lot of fun to weave, I think maybe the most fun is dumping my big basket of yarns out on the bed and then putting together piles of 5 or 6 or 7 yarns that I think will work together. Then I put each group in a bag and start off weaving them.

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