Saturday, June 27, 2009

New Potatoes

We had our first new potatoes at market today, a basket of French Fingerlings. I love this type of potato. They are wonderful boiled, fried, in potato salad, roasted. Because they are a waxy type of potato they don't make good bakers or mashed potatoes but they can't be beat for the above recipes.

And we finally had enough strawberries to take. They didn't last long. These are Shuksans, a really sweet good tasting variety. We also have a planting of Seascapes, a variety popular in California, but in our garden they are pretty tasteless. They may need more heat than the Pacific Northwest can provide to sweeten up. I've been using them for jam and saving these for fresh eating and sales.

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  1. We had our first strawberries from the garden for lunch today Margaret - don't that first lot taste good? I love the look of those potatoes - have not heard of them before.