Wednesday, June 3, 2009


I actually like weeding. I like getting my hands into the soil, pulling out the weeds and looking back along the row to see the plants free of their competition. I like it a lot better than cleaning house (as anyone who has visited me will attest). But we are reasonable about weeding. These early cabbages won't need to be weeded again. They are big enough and cast enough shade to keep any new weeds at bay, unlike onions which can't compete at all and need to be kept really weed free right up until harvest. We hoe between the beds and the rows and hand weed around the plants. This evening when it finally got sort of cool we were out weeding sunflowers and beans. One of the nice things about hand work is that you can hear the birds sing.


  1. Margaret - you make weeding sound really enjoyable! Love that daisy strewn track in your new header.

  2. I like weeding too, but I'm not ruthless enough to be really good at it....