Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Wild Roses

We are in the midst of a spell of really warm days, up into the 80's, which we are definitely not used to. The garden, however, is thriving and so are the wild roses. This island has literally acres of Rosa nutkana with their beautiful pink flowers and wonderful spicy wild rose scent. In this warmth the whole island smells wonderful.


  1. Aaaahhh I miss that smell! I bought a spray of tuberose the other day, which smells like summer in California, but nothing can match the smell of those wild roses in June. It smells like my birthday!

  2. Hi Margaret, The fragrence from the roses must be heavenly. Enjoy those lovely 80 degree days. In northern WI we are still having frost/freeze warnings at night. Last night it was around 30 degrees, making it diffuclt to have anything planted yet, though the perennials are surviving these nights. How wonderful, too, if you and Joel to be sharing your knowledge!