Sunday, October 12, 2008


We have a great apple crop this year. Today Joel picked the Kings, getting 12, 40# boxes off our two trees. This is probably more than we can eat or sell, but I'll take boxes to the kids and the sheep will get their share. And we will eat apples. Tonight we had fried apples and onions and I will make apple butter and apple catsup and Joel plans on canning apple slices. We will make applesauce and apple pies and apple crisp all winter.
While Joel was up in one of the King trees this Pileated woodpecker was up in the other. They show up every fall just as these apples are getting ripe and peck holes in all the apples at the top of the trees. Since these old trees are so very tall that we never can get the apples way up at the top we don't grumble at having to share.
Meanwhile back at the house I was working on another pastel rag rug on the same warp I've been working on for a couple of weeks. This is a combination of a medium blue and pink print and a pastel plaid in similar colors. I think that so far it is the prettiest of the batch.

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