Thursday, October 9, 2008

Last flowers, Winter's Bounty

We are expecting it to be even colder tonight than last night so I went out and picked the last of the dahlias expecting to find the plants all mush in the morning. They are such pretty flowers and such prolific producers. I leave mine in the ground under a heavy mulch in the winter and have had them come through just fine. I will need to divide them next spring as the plants are so huge I can't get between them to cut the flowers.
While I was out I took this picture of one of the last roses of the year. This is a cluster of Bonica flowers.
And as winter creeps up on us Joel and I have been busy stocking the pantry. Recently Joel canned plums and tomatoes and made plum jam and cucumber relish. Today I made barbecue sauce from some of the last of the paste tomatoes. It's in the canner bubbling away as I write.


  1. Hi Margaret! I found your blog by chance. I am a farmer's wife in England (The Yorkshire Dales) we are mainly sheep and a few heifers.
    It is nice to make contact with other farms. Your photos are absolutely lovely - love dahlias - I have to lift ine as we get severe frosts here at 600 feet above sea level.I, too, am a prolific bottler and jammer - just made marmalade yesterday - chutney next. Regards to you all.

  2. Thanks for your reply - please visit again.