Thursday, October 2, 2008

Stocking up for the year

We made a special trip to Friday Harbor yesterday to buy at the local grocery store's annual case sale. Living in a place like this has taught me to buy in bulk whenever possible . I hate going to the mainland to shop and don't like big box type stores so this is our chance to stock up on the sorts of things we don't grow, or don't grow enough of, like canned tomatoes,pineapple, olives, paper towels, etc. We also buy big bags of beans and rice and flour from our local food buying club which meets once a month. When I was a kid we lived in the country and my Mom didn't drive so grocery shopping was a once a week activity. She planned each weeks menu once she got to the store and found out what was on sale. I thought this was the normal way to shop. The idea of running to the store because you ran out of something never occurred to me. When I first moved here I went to town once a month in a small plane, me the two kids and the dog for $21 round trip. Sigh. I had to learn to get enough for a month. Not only is it practical and money saving to have household food stores, but it has always given me a great sense of security. No matter what happens we can eat while we figure out what to do next. Rice and beans may get boring after a while but they will keep us on our feet.
On the way back, rounding Pt. Disney in a strong ebb tide in the pouring rain I noticed that the maple trees had turned color. Fall is definitely here. (Those are raindrops on the lens, not orbs.)

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