Thursday, October 16, 2008

Production Mode

It started raining last evening and rained all night. Our satellite internet connection doesn't work in the rain so we were off line until Joel went up on the roof this morning and wiped the water off the dish. I really don't mind that kind of weather this time of year as I just retreat to the studio and make things. The big Thanksgiving weekend crafts fair in Friday Harbor is coming right up and I need a good supply of stuff for that. Above is the roll of new rag rugs that I just finished. Today I'll cut them apart and sew up the hems. I'll try and get them on my Etsy store in the next couple of days.

Then I washed up the last of the wool rugs. These rugs benefit from a good wash after weaving. It fluffs up the wool a bit and makes them softer.
Then I started putting a warp for placemats on the loom the rag rugs had come off. These will be rag placemats woven in a log cabin design. I've got another placemat warp in greens measured off which I will tie onto the end of this one when it is finished. I also started measuring off a blue warp for potholders. These are always a good sell around Christmas as stocking stuffers.
And, while I was doing all that Joel was spinning up the wool from a gorgeous dark colored fleece. So far he's gotten enough for two rugs from it and there's still useable wool left. I probably won't get to making more wool rugs before Christmas but these will be one of the first projects for the new year.

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  1. These are lovely homely/country craft pictures - so lovely that it is easy to forget the hard work that is being done in them! I love your rugs (and I love the onions too)