Sunday, October 19, 2008

Squash Harvest

Today we brought in the winter squash. After the cool, wet summer we had we didn't get nearly the production we usually do. And particularly the delicata, a customer favorite, did not produce well at all. I hope our customers will take to the other varieties that did a lot better. A month ago the squash patch was covered with huge green vines, so dense that you couldn't see or walk between them. Following a frost the vines have all died down revealing their bounty. As desolate as it looks I love seeing all those lovely squash finally revealed.
Chas, our personal secretary cat, naturally came out to help. On the cart, left to right, are orange Sunspot, the green ones are Bonbons, on top are Sweet Lightning and a few Thelma Sanders which look like white acorn squash. The orange ones to the right are Eastern Rise.
And in the wheelbarrow, left to right, are green Nutty Delica, striped Honeyboat Delicata, orange Sunshine, and finally green Sweet Mama.

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