Tuesday, October 28, 2008


Yesterday Joel went down to his Mom's house and harvested her hazelnuts. Here they are drying by the stove. She has a beautiful mature tree that produces lots of nuts every year. She also has an English walnut tree. Almost our nuts for cookies and such come from these two trees. One of our favorite things to do with hazelnuts is to roast them and put them on salads.
We have a few small hazelnut trees that produced a few nuts this year. We have great hopes for them in the future.


  1. We have hazel nuts here in the UK in our field hedges - but the grey squirrels usually get them all. We love the hazel trees for their wonderful catkins in the spring but the nuts are no so good. Your climate is probably more suitable to a good crop. Managed to get on to you comments page easily today!

  2. The wild hazelnuts do vary a lot in quality and size. These are actually domesticated ones or Filberts and produce a much more dependable crop.