Saturday, November 1, 2008

Halloween Jack-O-Lanterns

We have never had trick or treating on Waldron for Halloween. There is usually a party at the school but since we no longer have kids in school we don't usually go. But we do love to put lighted jack-o-lanterns out at the end of the driveway for anyone driving by to enjoy. But this Halloween we were going to be in Friday Harbor as we go over to market the night before and stay on the boat in the port. We still wanted to put up at least one jack-o-lantern but weren't sure that if we lit it at 3:30 when we left that the candle would last until dark. So we put our LED light head lamp flashlight in it hoping the batteries would last long enough. Well, when we got home this evening it was still going strong. Those LED lights take so little electricity.
On our way out from the dock we noticed that the Caleb Haley, a 60' fish buying boat that was tied up to the dock, had a jack-o-lantern on its mast.


  1. Happy Halloween! It's amazing that the flashlight lasted longer than a candle would have! I finally found your blog again, by going to Siri's and looking at her links. I love all your photos and the texture of your life they provide. I'm linking to your blog.

  2. Your home looks like an incredible place to live!! My family is moving to Portland next year from Ohio and I'm so excited to be able to enjoy the West during all the wonderful seasons!

  3. I have not heard them called jack o lanterns before - what a lovely name. I love the one sitting in the tree. We lit our pumpkin here in UK - not many people do but as Hallowe'en is my birthday we always have one. Glad I can leave a comment again - have been having difficulty.