Sunday, November 30, 2008

Thanksgiving Weekend

We had such a nice weekend. On Wednesday we went over to Friday Harbor to set up for the annual Island Artisans crafts fair that is held at the elementary school. Joel put up the lattice walls and set up the tables for me.

On Thanksgiving Day we slept in late on the boat, took a nap, joined friends at the Grange for the Community Thanksgiving Dinner, went back to the boat and went to bed early. For the self employed that is a rare kind of day. We loved it. One of our daughters came up from Seattle on Friday, went to the crafts fair and then back to Waldron with Joel.
Meanwhile I stayed behind and peddled my wares. I always start my own Christmas shopping at this fair as I love getting as many gifts as I can from fellow artists.
This year was no exception. A new vendor in the booth right next to mine had the most wonderful dolls for sale and I bought one for my 3 year old granddaughter. The doll is almost as big as she is. She found the booth at once and Mom had to keep taking her away from the dolls. I hope she remembers that when she gets hers for Christmas.
This morning when we started for home it was really foggy. The water was still and calm and most of the time the fog was just above the waterline so we could actually see where we were going. I love fog. It makes everything so mysterious. This is Pt. Disney in the fog.

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  1. I have had a really good look at where you live now. What an idyllic place - it looks to have the best of both world - i.e. Pacific Ocean on your doorstep but settled in the lee of Vancouver Island for shelter. How I envy you. Your Craft Faid sounds lovely too - I love those dolls they look so very well made - the standard of craft work must be high. Best wishes to you = hope you sold all of your rugs.