Sunday, November 16, 2008

Land and Sea Slow Food Club at the High School

We spent the day in Friday Harbor with the Friday Harbor High School Land and Sea Slow Food club (see link at right). They met at Steps restaurant where chef Madden Surbaugh showed them how to make a wonderful winter squash soup from local ingredients grown on San Juan Island and scones from our wheat. We donated 3 pounds to the project and then joined them to see what they did with it. Above one of the students is mixing the flour they ground from the wheat with butter they made from local cream and a bit of locally made goat cheese.
And lunch is ready. The soup was delicious as were the scones.

We had a lovely ride home on a flat calm sea. Now, this evening, it is foggy out in the channel though it is clear here and we can hear ships' horns from the shipping channel just to the north of us. I love that sound.


  1. How lovely to go home "by sea" - and what a super idea to cook food with students. It must be such a different life you have on an island - yes I know UK is an island but we are in the middle and a long way from the water. Two years ago we crossed the Bay of Fundy in Maritime Canada in the fog - it was a very strange experience and quite memorable.

  2. There is something about living on an island. I find myself longing to visit places like the Falklands, Tasmania, St. Helena or Tristan da Cunha. And from the perspective of the U.S., the U.K. feels like an island.

    And I love being out in the fog. We rarely ever travel routes that we don't know really, really well so we can usually figure out where we are even in the fog. We do have radar on this boat and so do the ferries.