Friday, November 14, 2008

More and More Rugs

I wove the last three on the blue and green warp and am treating myself to a sit down at the computer. Joel is making curry for dinner and there is a third batch of apple butter simmering on the stove for me to can this evening. I'm on a roll. I'm ahead of my schedule. I'll spend the next couple of days finishing off two warps of potholders and making a few more boas and knitting hats in the evenings. I could have an office job, I know. I like this much better.

I've started listing my rugs on a new online crafts market, 1000 Markets. The link is to the left. I would like to sell more online and less away from home, but even if I can't give up the fairs I can give my customers a link to my online shops when they ask. And it is also true that I love the social aspect of the fairs. It's where I get to see my friends in the local artist community.


  1. Any creative person gets such feedback from colleagues that I think it is a shame so many end up selling just on the internet. I agree with you that these markets get you out with people, chatting, swapping ideas and going home with a feel good factor which would be hard to find on the computer.

  2. That's so true. Selling from home online is practical, less fuel, less time, etc. But I can't imagine going to doing only that.