Monday, November 10, 2008

More Rugs

I finished the second batch of placemats this morning and am in the process of putting on another warp for rag rugs. This one will be in dark colors. The warp is navy blue and dark green. I have been collecting a whole lot of plaid flannel sheets and solid colored ones in blues and greens. So the first step is to toss them all out on the bed and start making up combinations. Each rug uses at least two different sheets and I usually use one plaid or printed and one solid. Not always, but that is where I usually start my planning. I can make 7 rugs on a warp with the equipment I am using so that means 14 sheets. Above are a few of my choices. As it was sunny today, although not particularly warm, I went out on the back porch to start tearing up the sheets. This is a rather linty process so I like to do it outside. After my fingers started to get too cold I came back in and started threading the loom. I have the threads all through the reed and will start threading the heddles tomorrow morning. I hope to start the first rug by tomorrow afternoon. I have two and half weeks until the big crafts fair so I am trying to hustle.

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  1. I love to read about your preparations for your craft work Thousand Flower - but am not at all sure what heddles are. Your finished rugs look lovely.