Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Birds and Flowers

All of a sudden changes are everywhere. Baby lettuces can be set outside, the cherry and plum trees are in full bloom, there are tulips instead of daffodils. The violet green swallows came back today. When they first show up they fly all around the barn and chitter madly as if they are really glad that the trip is over and they are here again. They and several barn swallows nest in our barn every year.
And the new leaves on the wild Nootka roses are releasing their wonderful spicy scent into the air in the evening. These roses have scented foliage and as there are acres of them on the island this time of year the air is filled with their incredible scent.

And, oh yeah, the eagle is back harassing the chickens in the early morning. He/she sits on top of the chicken tractor cage and the chickens go mad. We wake up to the noise and charge outside and chase the eagle away. I wish I had a time lapse camera to get a picture of the thing. Bald eagles are huge and amazing when they are sitting on the ground (or on a chicken cage).

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