Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Indoors and Outdoors

I'm almost done with my spate of placemats. I put a 6 color warp on the big loom for the last batch of rag placemats and then put the same colors on another loom (above) to make potholders out of the left over rags. These are so pretty. I'm glad I saved these bright ones for the last. The others are pretty but more subtle and as I am running out of steam for placemats, these help me keep going.
Meanwhile Joel was out in the barn starting to shear our sheep. He doesn't try and do them all at once. We have ten adults to shear this year, and he'll do two or three a day. He uses hand shears as he just prefers them to the electric ones. The lambs are so funny when you release the moms as they just don't recognize her without all her wool. "That's not my Mom, she's twice that big, and woolly, and...." The ewes just give them these Mom looks as if their kids have gone over the edge. and the babies run around and bleat and finally either smell or sound or just comments from Mom convince them that they haven't lost her after all and all is well.


  1. I love those colourful mats Margaret. Interesting that you shear with shears rather than electric - I like that and I am sure the sheep do too.

  2. I love the placemats! Will you have them in your Etsy shop?

  3. As soon as I have finished weaving all the placemats and potholders I will have a marathon hemming session and then get tags on everything and then...I'll get then in the Etsy shop.