Thursday, April 23, 2009

Wool Rugs

I've finished all the placemats and yesterday started on the first batch of wool rugs. These will be all light grey wool on a linen colored warp. I have bags of washed skeins sitting in the studio and I wound a bunch of them onto quills to put in my shuttles. James III wanted to help.

And then I started weaving. The Cotswold fleeces are a mixture of shades and I love the way the variations work out in the weaving. There is enough warp for 5 rugs and I had finished 3 by this evening. The next warp will be black yarn and dark grey wool and the final one (for the time being), an off white one with white wool.

And we planted parsnip seed this afternoon.


  1. That lovely grey, Margaret. When you say Cotswold, do you mean wool from Cotswold sheep? Do you sell these rugs on line 0r at the farmers markets?

  2. Our sheep are Cotswold or Cotswold mixes. And I sell my rugs through my Etsy store and at the Farmers Market.

  3. I love your rugs! The colorful ones you show on "the line" and these wool ones. I've spun a bunch of different shades of churro, a portion of which I have dyed with indigo. I'll use them for my first rug. Do you spin the cotswold? I didnt know it was so curly!

  4. Joel is the family spinner. And yes, the Cotswold fleeces are long and curly.